Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Purpose Statement

My purpose in this communication is to inform students about collegiate dance teams and the amount of time, work and dedication that is involved.  Not many people know how much work actually goes into this sport, so it is motivating for me to be able to educate more people about the “daily life” of a dancer.  My audience will be college students, specifically ones that normally go to sporting events that the dance team performs at, which includes basketball and volleyball games.  A majority of students that attend the games are athletes themselves or have an interest in sports.  Because of this, I want to try and relate to them and prove that dance is a sport just like volleyball, basketball, or any other sport they may be involved in.  Athleticism, dedication, and hard work are required to be a dancer, just in different forms.  I hope that my audience will have more respect and a better understanding of dance as a sport after this communication.  During the time of communication it will still be basketball season/switching to volleyball season, which is important because that is when the student body is able to witness performances from the dance team.  The audience will view the blog post in a more relaxed setting so there will not be too much pressure, yet they still will most likely be expecting something entertaining, and something that keeps their attention.

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