Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Closing Comments

As far as medium and production, I included all of the types of photos that I planned on using: action shots, portraits, symbolic photos, and setting photos.  I would have liked to have used more pictures that showed facial expressions during a performance, but I definitely included portraits that showcased friendships and camaraderie.  I included photos of both settings like I had planned, as well as photos of uniform like I had planned.

Concerning strategies, I think I portrayed ethos the best of the three.  I included some pictures of myself to show I have personal experience with this topic, and I believe that gave me a lot of credibility as an author.  I believe I achieved pathos fairly well in my presentation, in the sense that I followed my design plan and included what I wanted to.  I adjusted the focus of most of the photos and I used light colors, but I did not color certain portions of pictures like I had planned on doing.  As far as logos, I used a different font than I had intended but the organization and design of the slides turned out how I wanted them to.  I had originally planned on placing my symbolic photos on their own slides, but I ended up placing them on the same slide, side by side.  I still think they were just as effective because my caption was able to tie the two pictures together. 

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