Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Abilities as a Communicator

Some of my strengths as a communicator include giving advice and listening to friends, family, classmates, etc. when they have an issue they may need to resolve.  I like to be able to help people I care about with problems they may have, and knowing I can aid in their problem solving makes me feel accomplished as a person.  In my group of close friends as well as my family, I am known as the listener.  For example, I am very close with my younger sister.  Everyday when she gets home from school she will tell me about her day or any problems she has, and I will always be there to give any advice I have.  The same is true with my group of friends.  I also enjoy talking about current issues, in a variety of topics.  I am a biology major so naturally I enjoy discussing biology related news or issues, but I like listening to hear what anyone has to say about any current events that are happening.

I am not very comfortable speaking in front of a large audience, so I strongly believe that is something I can improve on.  Yes, my speaking abilities have improved over the past few years due to practice, but now that I am in college there is a different level expected that I need to achieve.  Although I am not always comfortable with public speaking, I will be able to accomplish it if necessary, or if it is required for a class.  The same goes for one on one conversations with someone I may not be familiar with, such as a new professor or a boss when going to a job interview.  I do not think I have enough self confidence to be able to comfortably talk in front of someone I am not familiar with, and going to a job interview for example is not something I necessarily look forward to.

As we move through the semester I would like to focus on being able to appropriately express my thoughts in a logical way whether that be through an essay or paper, or a presentation.  When writing essays I believe I know the appropriate steps needed and what makes a good paper, but when it comes to organizing my thoughts and presenting the material, that is where it becomes difficult for me.  As far as presentations, I would also like to improve organization and relating for example, a power point to writing.  Lastly, I would like to improve the way I go about presenting.  Because I am not comfortable speaking in front of a large audience, I would like to be able to practice presenting projects or essays that I have completed.

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